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Course recognized by the Institute of Applied Bioquantics as a practical part of the Mini Introductory Course to Bioquantics (see leaflet below) which entitles you to enroll at the Institute as a Professional Member.

Course recognized by the SIAF code PVI-007/304/20

The Universe is vibration as demonstrated by quantum physics experiments and positive changes for health and well-being can be produced through the vibrations of sound. This course aims not only to teach the use of Tibetan bells on the body and in the sound bath, but to do so in order to implement the latest discoveries in quantum physics to make it a quantum instrument along with one's voice. This is not a simple course on the use of Tibetan bells, it is a path of Quantum Awakening through the sound bowls and the voice.

The course is experiential and is open to those who have already embarked on a path of awareness and personal growth. The course aims to develop in the student the sensitivity and practice necessary for the application of the sound massage with the Tibetan bells and the voice for the evolution of the person of his physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. Since sound is a tool for the development of awareness, the learner will be accompanied in the development of their feelings through various methodologies as well as receiving the basic techniques of sound massage. The purpose of this course is not only to teach the technique but to transfer the energy "heritage" to the student, acquired by the teacher in almost 30 years of experience in this particular type of work. This makes it a one-of-a-kind course.

The course is divided into 9 days (Saturday), 2 days for each section and a day of practical examination, with a maximum of 6 participants.

1. YOUR HEARING AND HOW TO RING A TIBETAN BELL is divided into two days on Saturday

2. MASSAGE WITH TIBETAN BELLS ON THE BODY is divided into two days on Saturdays

3. THE VOICE IN THE TIBETAN BELLS MASSAGE is divided into two days on Saturdays

4. HOW TO CONDUCT A GROUP SESSION is divided into two days on Saturdays


Among the things you will learn:

  • The basic concepts of vibration and frequency and recent discoveries

  • Quantum Awakening initiation through sound

  • Develop your feeling through Shuichuan Zi Ran Qigong and other methods

  • Rebalancing of the hemispheres and cleaning of the chakras

  • The sound massage with Tibetan bells on the body

  • The use of tuning forks on the body

  • The use of one's voice in the sound massage and one's own tonality

  • Methods for enhancing sound massage

  • Individual sound massage and group sound bath

  • You will receive a Quantum Awakening session at each meeting to accelerate your growth in awareness.

City: Rome

Maximum 6 participants.

Total cost of the course 665 euros for payment of the full amount in advance or 170 euros for each section of the course (4 sections) plus 85 euros for the last Saturday.

A Certificate of Participation is issued at the end of the entire course recognized by the SIAF for 50 ECP (SIAF training credits) and a certificate from the Institute of Bioquantics for each section of the course except number 4 (subject to registration independent of the course as an associate of the Institute). It is necessary to attend the entire course to obtain the final certificate. No recoveries are foreseen without exceptions. By participating in the Bioquantica mini-course (separation from the sound massage course) conducted by Dr. Valerio Sgalambro, detailed in the flyer below, you have the opportunity to enroll in the Bioquantica Institute as a Professional Member. There is the possibility to collaborate professionally once the course is finished. For more details or any further information use the contact page or contact Nadia at 377.188.9346

I met Nadia during a group treatment with the Tibetan bells and her magnificent voice, I immediately felt in tune and attended her course to learn how to use them myself. The course was very precise from a technical point of view and helped me to unlock my "feeling" and my perception of my abilities, so that I was able to put at the service of other people. In addition to this Nadia is always there when I have doubts or do not feel sure of myself. Thank you very much for all of this.

Sara, Genoa