Conscious Cafè - Promoting awareness all over the world

Silence can be the most meaningful conversation

Monday 12th July from at 7:15pm

at the Dama di Corte shop

Via Lucio Collio, 18/20

00122 Lido di Ostia (Rome)

We often talk just to fill in a gap. We often talk to avoid going deeper into our feelings.

We often talk to disguise our feelings of inadequacy. 

But when get into a meaningful silence with others we merge into a beautiful harmonious,

peaceful and very special space.

We will explore meaningful silence together.

We will meet up in front of Dama di Corte shop and we will walk together to the beach.

The meeting is by a 5 euros donation to ConsciousCafè, a London-based not for profit organization that promotes conscious conversations around the world. To participate use the donation button below or give your contribution when you come along. Booking essential by calling 377.188.9346