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Does your name hold a frequency?
Can that frequency influence your experience of reality?

Tuesday 30th March from 6pm to 7:15pm British time

Cymatics is the science that studies the effect of sound on matter. Salt or sand are put on a sound plate subjected to specific frequencies. These frequencies form intricate geometric figures on the sound plate through the sand or salt medium. It follows that the geometric figures that are formed in this way emit that specific frequency that formed them. Here the foundation principle of sacred geometry.

So can the letters of the alphabet also be the result of a specific frequency?

And can this frequency affect our life?

Russian scientists have discovered that the part of DNA described as "junk" DNA because nobody knew what its role was, has the characteristics of a language and it reacts to language and words. 

  • We will begin our meeting with a short meditation on the star of creation 

  • We will discuss cymatics and explore the world of vibration. 

  • You will analyze our first name on the basis of the Hebrew alphabet

  • We will share opinions and have a small demonstration of what is a Soul Plan time permitting

The meeting is by a 6 euros donation to ConsciousCafè, a London-based not for profit organization that promotes conscious conversations around the world. To participate use the donation button below. Once the donation has been made, use the button that prompts you to enter your email to receive the link for the meeting. I look forward to have a meaningful and helpful conversation with you.