Freedom from Limiting Beliefs

SacredHeartDNA, EFT, Ho'oponopono

“the emotional freedom techniques and ho'oponopono changed my life. I feel more sure of myself. I believe in myself and my potential more and I healed many annoying physical symptoms"

Irene, Rome Italy

In the sessions of freedom from limiting beliefs a personal intuitive message is channeled and interpreted together with the person to illuminate the present situation and where one needs to focus. Different methods are then used to transform the limiting beliefs and reprogram the subconscious with positive beliefs. A sound healing activation is given at the end to accelerate the clearing process and personal evolution. A session can be done even just with the personal message and sound healing activation depending on personal needs and preferences.

Intuitive Vibrational Message is a message channeled by the healer that helps to see more clearly what is happening at an inner level and where one needs to focus on at present to shift limiting energies. This is interpreted together with the healer for maximum benefit. 

SacredHeartDNA is a method for letting go of limiting beliefs and reprogramming the subconscious with new beliefs which can serve your growth and evolution through the heart chakra. 

EFT are emotional freedom techniques to unlock limiting beliefs and energy blockages through the tapping of meridian points located at the upper part of the body together with sentences aimed at transforming the energy charge of the issue. 

Ho'oponopono  is a powerful Hawaiian method based on the transformation of limiting memories in the subconscious (inner child) through forgiveness and gratitude. 

Sound healing activation it is always used at each session of freedom from limiting beliefs as it is a powerful method of transformation, integration and acceleration of the whole process.

Intuitive message, freedom from limiting beliefs and sound healing activation 1 hour 55 euros

Intuitive message and sound healing activation 30 minutes 35 euros

Intuitive message and interpretation with therapist 20 minutes 20 euros