Your Soul Plan
Discover what is your soul plan in this lifetime
Become aware of your challenges and how to best work though them to
activate your gifts and talents
Reach your objectives and fulfill your soul purpose
Through the vibrations of your name you can become aware of the energies of creation that your soul has chosen for this lifetime. 
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Freedom from limiting beliefs
Reprogram your subconscious
Limiting beliefs and negative thinking are the only things that do not allow our soul desires to manifest in our reality, throwing our of our realignment with our true self. Through a personal intuitive message you can have a clearer perspective on what you need to focus on at present to raise your awareness and realize your potential. We then proceed to transform limiting beliefs through SacredHeartDNA and other techniques and reprogram your subconscious with aligned beliefs for your well being and the realization of your soul purpose. At the end of the session a sound healing activation with the voice will accelerate the process of awareness, growth and freedom. 
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Intuitive Message and
Sound Healing Activation
An intuitive personal message channeled by the healer to be interpreted together. It allows you to become aware of where it is necessary to put your focus at present and where the energies are stuck. After having discussed the message a sound healing activation with the voice helps to further clear and accelerate the whole process of energy healing and evolution.