I offer a range of services to help you awaken, transform and align your life...

Soul Plan  - 1 hour and 15 minutes - 75 euros

It helps you to become aware of your soul path.

I reveals which are the main challenges the your soul planned to experiences in this life, your talents and your goals. It helps you to become aware of your soul destiny and transform your challenges into gifts. Activate your ture potential. 

Sound Healing Activation  - 30 minutes - 35 euros

It helps you prepare your physical and mental/emotional structure to the shift in frequency that is happening on our planet.

It helps you to accelerate your ascensional path, grow and prepare. It activates your gifts and talents and transforms your limiting beliefs. It can halp you to fulfill your purpose.

We use an intuitive message to help us avaluate where we need to focus our attention for best results. We then use sound to elevate your frequency, open energy channels. On line session. t

SacredHeartDNA - 1 hour 55 euros

It helps you to find and transform your limiting beliefs to activate your gifts. With the help of an intuitive message we can pinpoint what type of work is needed and where are the limiting beliefs to be transformed. We work on your chakras andt your energies of creation if appropriate. A sound healing activation at the end helps you to accelerate the process of transformation.

Sound Massage - 1 hour 55 euros

A sound massage with Tibetan singing bowls directly on your body. Experience the healing benefits and the relaxation that comes from the vibrations of these special instruments. Effective in pain relief and to relax and raise your energy and vibration.



The Path of the Warrior (7 weeks) 

On this path you give yourself permission to free yourself from conditioning and limiting memories and learn to manage the obstacles that life inevitably presents in a way that only few people know and that we need to spread more. Appintments are to be received once weekly to be effective.

In presence or on line.

350 euros.


Path of the 12 - 12 weeks

On this path you become aware of the plan your soul has in this lifetime. You also free yourself from limiting beliefs and memories to accelerate your evolution and activate your gifts.

Your can learn strategies necessary to face the obstacles that life inevitably presents in a way that unfortunately only few people know or want to know.

You will receive teaching and important information to empower yourself and be completely responsible and master of your life

You will receive a certificate of completion and be able to teach people the basics to better flow in their life. 

Sessions have to be taken once a week, with support in between. 75 euros per session.

The certificate will be given once the journey has been completed.