Messages from the Universe

January 2021
It is necessary for you to be brave and that you leave your problems behind. Open to your sensors, to your ancient knowledge and become masters. Take care of yourselves and of what you are that opens up before your eyes if allow it and you don't oppose resistance. You don't need much, only letting go and discover your qualities little by little without controlling.  Your heart will open perfectly and it will show you where you need to go. Find the time to gather, to feel what you have inside, to put your qualities into practice. Open to your dreams that are waiting for you to come forth and claim them. Do not suffer. Do not be tricked. Stay centered and forge ahead. This will help you to define your dreams and your qualities. You will carry forth a big project and you will care for one another. Forgive. Become great and be happy because this is a moment of great joy and it will take you far. Gather together.