Nadia I. Menichetti

I am a passionate researcher of the spirit. II love helping people expand their awareness. I adore seeing the change in their life when the energy of who they truly are pervades them and their faces become alight with the beauty of the spirit. 

Abiding in the joy of the being happens when you let go of any conscious and unconscious limiting beliefs to bring out the divine into this life.

Life then acquires a completely different meaning that allows one to flow with the contrast of this dual world of good and bad in an empowered way. We can then truly make the wonderful journey of creation that this life is.

I started studying classical homeopathy in London in 1992. I attended courses in various types of massage and practiced initially in London and Australia.

It was in Sydney that I began practising Shuichuan Zi Ran Qigong in 1996, an ancient spontaneous movement meditation that expanded my awareness profoundly

I permanently returned to Italy in 2004 where I furthered my studies on emotional freedom, techniques, sound healing and everything concerning vibrations and the importance of vibrazions as the basis of this material world.

My work is to help people become coscious of their soul plan in this life,nd  expand their consciousness beyond their limits. I help them transform their limiting beliefs through sound  healing, the soul plan and sacredheartDNA in order to activate the gifts that each bring into this world and to live life as a journey of true creative power.