Nadia Menichetti


I am an enthusiastic researcher of the essence of our being. Living in the joy of being and preparing the physical and energetic structure for a profound change to the new paradigm, means breaking old beliefs and limitations at the cellular level, some of which we are not immediately aware of because they are so well embedded within us.

I started studying classical homeopathy in London in 1992. I have attended courses of various types of massage and practiced both in England and Australia.

It was in Sydney in 1996 that I began my practice of Shuichuan Zi Ran Qigong, an ancient Taoist movement meditation that opened the doors to a deep awareness. In the year 2000 I received an initiation on the Taoist path by Chinese Masters. 

Back in Italy in 2004 I furthered my studies with emotional freedom techniques and sound massage courses, to get to the use of Tibetan and crystal singing bowls the voice and the language of light, as a powerful means to well-being and  evolution and to awaken the deepest potential of our being. I run group sessions and training courses in Rome, Genoa and wherever is requested.