Your Soul Plan

Do you want to become aware of your life journey at a deep level?
Do you want to discover which challenges, gifts and goals
your soul has come to experience in this life?

Discover your potential through the energies of creations
contained in your name and activate your talents and gifts to
realize your soul purpose

"If I look back I cannot recognize myself. I have activated many characteristics of mine at an energy level I am much more sure of myself, I have more vision and direction. I have had so much benefit. It is like an ascending energy, I feel like I am elevating, going the next step up each time. I have gone through many different inner growth paths but the one I have gone through with you is perhaps the one that helped me the most"

Domietta Tedeschi Lancetti - Dominican Republic

I want to receive and become aware of...


  • My soul plan in this lifetime 

  • My divine gifts and the deepest desires and goals of my soul.

  • The gifts hidden in my challenges.

  • My soul destiny in this lifetime, what my soul has chosen to explore at core level

  • Which of the 22 key archetypes I am mostly represented by, which helps me to comprehend my soul plan more deeply. 

  • An energy clearing and activation to restore my core potential, accelerate my growth, transform my challenges and use my gifts to realize the goals of my soul.

  • Transform the shadow and align with my higher purpose. 

Your first reading includes:

  • A reading of your Soul Plan, your challenges, your goals, gifts and soul destiny

  • A personal intuitive message to help you see through the best course of action 

  • Which of the 22 archetypes you are working with at present according to your name of birth.

  • Quantum sound healing activation to start the process for the upgrade of your Soul Blueprint.

  • A pdf file with your intuitive personal message and your soul profile graphic.

Your second reading includes:

  • Reading of any additional names used beside your birth name and evaluation of the Soul Plan in view of the changes occurred after the first reading and necessary integration.

  • Guided meditation to transform the challenges and activate the gifts.

  • Personal meditation for further integration of the 22 energies of creation present 

  • Personal Intuitive message

  • Pdf file with your personal message and Soul Plan grid

  • Qigong practice on the star of creation


The activation and upgrade of your soul blueprint is a deep and cathartic inner work, a quantum acceleration to align your body mind structure to the higher frequencies coming to earth right now and to activate your talents and gifts. 

It at present you use a different name than your birth name it is advisable to do both readings as it is too much to be taken in in one session. You also have the opportunity to do further and deeper work on the energies of creation within your soul plan.

If you feel like taking a whole journey into your soul plan you can choose the 7 weeks program. This gives your the opportunity not only to become conscious of your soul journey and upgrade your soul blueprint but also to work on your limiting beliefs to further realize your potential. It is a good investment in your life.


Intense 7 weeks program includes:


  • One hour session per week for a total of 7 sessions including the soul profile readings.

  • Everything you get in the first reading

  • Everything you get in the second reading

  • Conditioning freedom techniques for the creation energies in your soul profile and from limiting beliefs that emerge from the sessions.

  • Personal intuitive message at each session

  • Chakra clearing and balancing

  • DNA sound activation

  • Guidelines to follow throughout the course

  • Support between sessions according to individual needs and integration.




The vibrations of your name create your reality

The Soul Plan is calculated through the sound vibrations of your name. It takes into consideration the name that you have on your birth certificate, and if necessary the influence of names acquired further on in life such as a married name. Cymatics is the science which studies the influence of sound on matter. Given a sound plate with sand or salt on it, exposed to different frequencies, it will produce different geometric shapes according to the specific frequency. It seems therefore consequential that each geometric shape vibrates at the specific frequency that created. The same for the letters of the alphabet. They each vibrate at a specific frequency.


The scriptures talk about vibration being the basis of all creation. John 1:1 is the first verse in the opening chapter of the Gospel of John in the New Testament of the Christian Bible. The verse reads: In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. Even quantum physics shows us through the double slit experiment that reality is vibrations shaped into matter by our consciousness. The vibration of our name has energies that influence our reality. The name that you were given at birth is not a coincidence and together with cultural influences and the astrological picture of your birth date, the name that you were given through your parents' inspiration or whoever was inspired with your name, reveals your soul plan in this reality.

The Soul Plan is identified with your name through the Sacred Letters in the Hebrew Alphabet with its roots in the ancient sacred text Sefer Yetzirah. 

In the second half of the century the Star of Creation Gematria was channelled by the pioneer Frank Alper (1930-2007) and form the foundation of this work which today is carried forward by Frank Alper's wife, Katharina Alper and Blue Marsden in this moment of great transition in which this work, together with others, plays a decisive role in the development of awareness.

How does it work?

Your name was not given to you by chance but reflects a vibration that the soul wanted to adopt, through the inspiration of your parents or whoever proposed your name to bring certain vibrations in this material journey. It reflects, through its vibrations, the path guided by the soul, one's own challenges to overcome to activate your talents and reach your goals to open your life purpose.  


It works as a homeopathic mirror that reflects the energy present in your soul plan and promoting a shift in consciousness just by becoming conscious of the information. It is truly a quantum instrument. It is not a reading of the future and does not include any reading of the future, since we build the future with every present choice, but it's rather a sacred instrument that helps to clarify our path and to activate our gifts and our talents.