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Below is a well known prayer to the divine adapted to the Hawaian healing system of Ho'oponopono, which helps transforming memories and limiting conditioning that influence the reality that you are living. Over time we have forgotten the gift of the connection to our divine self in our everyday life, but we can open ourselves to it again. It is a true and very real blessing when we decide to put our trust in it. You can use this prayer when you want to let go of the memories that play with your mind and the inner resistance that generates suffering. You can make this prayer even more specific by adding your problem after "limiting memories, energy blockages and unwanted energies related to ..." or you can make it collective "deliver us from our resistance ..."


Pure divine source

Who are omnipresent

Hallowed be Thy Name

Honoured be Thy Essence
Thy kingdom come,
Thy will be done,
as in spirit so in matter.

Release me from my resistance to your infinite abundance

Through my internal family Father, Mother and Child as One, transform into pure light all limiting memories, energetic blockages and undesireable energies that I have created and accumulated from the beginning of creation through all planes of existence and dimensions, throughout all generations of time and eternity to the present moment. Fill the empty spaces with Pure Divine Light.

Help me not to fall into the temptation of limiting thoughts, emotions and feelings but deliver me from them. Let Divine Order, Light, Love, Peace, Balance, Understanding, Joy, Wisdom, Abundance, Rythm and Balance manifest themselves for all of us now and forever and forever more.

Thank you I love you. Amen

Here you will find videos made by Giuseppe Martini simply with his mobile phone to clean up memories. They have not been changed to maintain their simplicity which is what makes them powerful. Giuseppe has been attending the seminars of the Ho'oponono foundation for many years. Ho'oponopono helped him considerably. By freeing up memories we find the inspiration and creativity that comes from the heart and Giuseppe wanted to make these videos that inspired him for personal use, available for those who want to take advantage of them.

How to use them. When you have a difficult emotional states related to a situation you are experiencing or any other reason, think about how you feel and watch all the videos (they are very short) from the first one above to the last one downward, 2/3 times if you have time.

Ho'oponopono è un metodo di vita hawaiano per risolvere problematiche. E' nato, o meglio è sempre stato, dall'esigenza di essere di aiuto nei conflitti inevitabili delle grandi famiglie hawaiane. Si è evoluto nel tempo per diventare patrimonio dell'umanità. Tante sono ora le persone che lo usano nella loro vita.


I invite you to explore more about Ho'oponopono on the web.

The Ho'oponopono is based on taking 100% responsibility for the reality we see, as a mirror of resonance of personal, family and collective memories. This will not seem strange to us if we are faimiliar with the double slit experiment of quantum physics that you can find on the page useful links on this website. The aim then becomes to clean up the memories that create the situations. The Ho'oponopono procedure was a very long ritual, totally inadequate for our society, where commitments do not encourage us to stop not even for our well being. Over time Morrnah Simeona, Hawaiian Kahuna Lapa'au , or  healing expert, has condensed him into 12 steps. They were still 

quite a long procedure for western society and later on one of his student the psychotherapist Dr Hew Len made it even easier by condensing it into a mantra "I'm sorry please forgive me thank you I love you". Today I, like Giuseppe, simply use Grazie Ti Amo. The results are truly amazing. I understand that it may seem strange to those who have never tried or are not familiar with the method, I invite you to try it with confidence.

Also in Masaru Emoto crystals (see video on the useful links page and on this website). the vibrations of the thoughts and words "thank you" and "I love you" to the water sample, produce wonderful crystals, true works of art. Therefore the vibration of these words considerably raises the frequency, which then leads by law of resonance to the resolution of conflicts.

This is the river in Lourdes. The mother energy. I want to warn you there is a loud duck speaking :-), so you don't get startled.

Use these two videos to, the one on the left first then the one on the right to transform more challenging memories.