"It could be a coincidence, but from that day onward much negativity that I had been carrying since August dissipated and I am well now." 

Silvia Genova

Sound Healing Activation - Quantum Awakening of your Consciousness

Sound healing activation is an instrument of evolution and awakening to our divine state of being through the voice and the language of light. In occasioni di gruppo si usano le campane tibetane, le campane di cristallo insieme alla voce.

This type of work was inspired in my life by Shuichuan Zi Ran Qigonq, an ancient movement meditation that has its roots in the East. It dissolves limiting memories and patterns and raises one's own vibratory state. It activates dormant dna, awakening gifts toward a greater awareness and realization of one's own potential.It brings harmony in the body to hold more light so that we can express our divine self more fully into this physical realm, in one's body and mind and in one's own reality.

Online Group Sessions 


The session starts  with a meditation on a channeled message followed by a sound healing activation with the voice. The vocal tones are not produced with the intention of giving a pleasant concert but are the result of a deeper connection and convey information at a subtle level.


Sometimes the body can feel restless with some sounds, such as the sharpest tones. When this happens it means that it is encouraging it to let go of energy limitations, to move forward along the path of evolution.


The sessions are followed by an adaptation to the new state of being, to adapt to the new frequency. With regular attendance, it opens the heart, it develops your ability to see beyond the limitations, it gives  you a greater state of awareness, a greater sense of self, inner growth, clarity, freedom and development of your potential. It of course changes from person to person as we are all wonderfully unique. Occasionally it leads to a succession of situations that push us towards change yearned by the soul. Each of us is always on a path of evolution, quantum awakening simply allows us to accelerate this process.

In Person Group Sessions 

The same as online but the session is also accompanied by Tibetan and crystal singing bowls.


Individual Treatments


The session is very different with each person and consists of an energy exchange through hand movements, vocal sounds and the language of light to activate new energy connections.


Sometimes, but not always, singing bowls are used as an aid to the session. The treatment can last up to 60 minutes and the person is fully clothed, sitting in a chair (this allows you to be more present and more aware during the session) or lying down on a massage table. Also available are long distance treatments, click HERE to get to the long distance sessions page.


awaken your consciousness and accelerate your evolution through sound healing activation

Messages from the Universe and Sound Healing Activation