Shuichuan Zi Ran Qigong



Shuichuan Zi Ran Qigong is a Taoist movement meditation has been practised in the East for thousands of years and literally means "working with the energy."


The practice of Shuichuan Zi Ran Qigong with its spontaneous movement, helps us to let go of our resistance to well-being. It brings the inner out; our stuck energy and resistance within us first and then one's own unlimited potential and innate gifts. It helps us follow our natural path. to get rid of tensions created by disharmonious thoughts and thus to maintain a physical, mental and emotional balance.


More commonly we have a series of exercises and "forms" handed down by the masters who have worked with their inner guidance, with the Spirit, to arrive at those movements directly. The Shuichuan Zi Ran Qigong, being a spontaneous movement that arises from letting go, allows us to do just that, to be masters of ourselves. It is a spontaneous movement in a state of "Wu wei", or "non-attachment", relying on our letting go to the guidance of universal energy.

The movements are different for each practitioner and arise spontaneously for the balance of her/his inner energy. They do not come from the mind, but from the work of surrendering to Universal Energy. It is a feeling that goes beyond any description and that encourages the practitioner to practise it every day.


Initially the fluidity of the movement can be hindered by past or present emotional/mental stresses. These are gradually released through the exercise to arrive to a fluidity similar to that of Tai Chi. So no forms are taught. It is a spontaneous movement driven and aided by the energy of the teacher. The teacher's energy and experience helps the student progress, especially initially.

The Shuichuan Zi Ran Qigong is a sacred path to our evolution, which allows one to become master of oneself. It is a natural and profound cooperation between our energy and the cosmic energy of which we are a part, a sacred marriage between Spirit and Matter.

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A special thank you to the Auckland School of Shuichuan Zi Ran Qigong www.shuichuan.com

Hello, thank you for everything, I feel good, I feel more present, serene and I feel that joy that I told you it was missing..I was in the street and I heard music playing and I felt like dancing. I feel something has shifted.

Rosanna, Genova (after the first session of Shuichuan Zi Ran Qigong)