Supercorso Ethicare is a brand new and very efficient path to raising your consciousness and well-being. It is the forefront of the quantum age reprogramming of your subconscious with new helpful programs for your physical, mental/emotional and spiritual health while clearning up the old beliefs. This is done by a team of professionals who find out your characteristics, challenges, gifts, goals and soul destiny through an Astrology Chart, Akashic Records, Soul Profile System, Graphology, Tarot Reading and Bioreflexology. These meetings already bring a transformation in consciousness by themselves.  The information is then passed on to a holistic psychotherapist who elaborates the limiting beliefs from the information received and which new programs are needed to be "uploaded" into the subconscious by a theta healer. It is a deeply trasformative work on a physical, mental/emotional and spiritual level. It accelerates your evolution and can transform your life so as to represent your true potential. The path can also be done on line. Please enquire.
There is a basic level to this path, an intermediate and advanced. There is also the opportunity for a couples path. The brochures below are in Italian. If you wish to receive more information please contact +39 377.188.9346 or use the contact page on this website. 
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Tel. 338.638.8123
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